[2019 FESTA] BTS (방탄소년단) '방탄다락'


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    1. Ezra Loraine

      Jk is such a mood, he really loves food

    2. Ezra Loraine

      33:00 I agree with RM, I know BTS for a long time but when I watched a clip of Taehyung dancing weirdly/ in a adorable way back in 2018/19. That's when I started following them and looking more about their music. Taehyung is the one who drew my attention and now I love them all.

    3. Ezra Loraine

      Suga is like an old man full of knowledge about life and sharing it to his grandchildren, I just watched BTS Festa 2021 and Jungkook describe him as Grandpa. Well, he really seems like one.

    4. Ezra Loraine

      I really like BTS festa, we're knowing them more, their worries, sentiments. They all share it with us.

    5. Alisia Becolli

      who’s here in their 8th anniversary?💜

    6. Vaishnavi

      You know the moment when you decide to do a Festa marathon because you're broke and don't have enough money to buy tickets: *Yes I relate😭😭😭😭*

    7. Vaishnavi

      Idk why but I know about most of the things that Suga said kids these days won't understand (except the ones that isn't something we do in our country, that is) even though I'm a '04 liner,,,,, **The nostalgia tho 😌😌😌**

    8. Khushi Sharma

      June 13th 2021 HAPPY 8TH ANNIVERSARY!! ARMY FOR LIFE~ WITH BTS TILL ETERNITY~ borahae 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜#7

    9. Sagun Ratna

      Today is festa 2021 July 13, how fast years pass ✨ Happy 8th Anniversary BTS and ARMYs 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Purple you BTS 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    10. Cathleen Avila

      So surprised to hear Tae say that he doesn't know how Tae is different from V. He seems to have addressed this question in 2019 and after. Particularly after the US tour in 2020 when he seemed to talk about V and Kim Taehyung merging. He is so innocent sometimes and the members tease his wonderfully honest answers. Namjoon is too cynical. Being part of BTS is an amazing opportunity that will set the stage for the future. When celebrities talk in the 3rd person it worries me. Jin did it in this video. He is often profound in discussions like this but here he referred to himself as BTS Jin. That seems both like self-absorption and self-reflection in a very detached and unsure way. Jimin, once again, seems to be the most balanced and focused member of this crew. They are each so different. Namjoon discusses this regularly. For me learning to respect people who are very different from myself has been one of the best learning points in my life.

    11. hailey victor

      today is your 8 anniversary, i am so immensely proud of everything you have accomplished. you have been through so much and accomplished unimaginable things while being the most amazing, kind, intelligent, loving and overall incredible people i have ever known. i've never been happier to be on earth, let alone b an army, thank you for being my most beautiful moment in life, ill love you forever♾💜

    12. 박은정

      태형님~ 게임할때 들었던 말에 상처 받지 말기를~ 저는 슈가도 다른 방탄도 좋고^^ 특히 태형님이 가장 좋아요~~ 착한 사차원인 태형님 굉장히 좋습니다^^ 건강하시고~ 순수함이 최고세요 사랑함돠♡♡♡♡

    13. Nihaad Abdullah

      the way that i watch this a million times and them snacking making me hungry 😂😂

    14. Зарина Агаева

      Taehyung talked about the pen back in 2019 (hi from Festa 2021~)

    15. kunjika agarwal

      Festa Marathon.. I guess 🙈💜 These guys were living in nostalgia at this festa 😅❤️ so cute 💋

    16. 마시멜로


    17. 마시멜로


    18. 마시멜로


    19. Nisshikha Tamrakar

      again i am coming back to watch this video after festa 2021 i just miss them a lot

    20. Princess rhian Abada

      we're so happy!!🥰💜

    21. kmkniu

      49:55 Little did they know... 😢

    22. Hyunjung Lee

      수퍼스타들이지만 평범한 20대 직장인들이네요. 미래를 고민하고, 자아정체성을 찾고있고, 자존감이 흔들리고, 그래서 더 노력하고, 서로를 보며 안심하고... 별에서 온 그대들이 아니라, 평범하고 안쓰럽지만 아름다운 청년들.

    23. Mwende Kimeu

      One of my fav festas, I love you guys so much💜 To many more festas 💜

    24. AS M

      Whoever is V’s game friend… is 100% correct.. all of them are precious…my Bias is V but when I think of others then I start to bias them too…. It’s like choosing the best finger in your hand… each finger has its own importance

    25. bonobonoya~

      ARMYS,it's ok if you're hurt or sad..but please try to be happy cause jimin said 'seeing ARMY 's happy makes me happy' we want jimin to be happy! So please stay happy

    26. Nikila Sivakumar

      Tae saying I pretended as a common fan in game chat and got a precious reply. I here reacting as who's that lucky girl?!!!!!!!??. While other members didn't give a reaction lol😂😂😂

    27. Darigold Apopo

      I enjoy watching them delve into these kind of conversations. It's truly beautiful.

    28. sadia syeda

      today its 11-06-2021 its almost 2 yrs and again there are gonna talk abt themselves like this we army can know them much better..now seeing this make my thoughts became more respectful for each member..they are also like us fighting for what makes ourselves happy..we need to support them whole heartedly not because now there are very famous and dominating the world but because they have gone through much without they families and with new people around they themselves were new to eachother ,staff members and also abt people who looked down at them..these all happen when there were just teens and handled all this hurdells..struggling to know eachother trying to understand eachother since they were only there for each other..dont worry bangtan boys we all armies have huge respect for you all for what you have done and made army the best fandom ever and BTS as best band in the world..love you all not only as BTS members but also as your ownselves as a person..u all are are such a caring loving brother,son and i am sure u all will be great husbands and fathers as well..BORAHAE..BTS+ARMY=FAMILY..this is my first largest comment so far..lol

    29. 지금사러갑니다

      정국이 너무 짠하다 현실의 정국인 초라 하다니 맘이 아프구만

    30. Siva pranav


    31. Lucy Minta Jenson

      0:19 Everyone else: yeah, so we're in this cool attic thing for festa JK: BUT NO ALCOHOL?!?!?!?!

    32. Nofince Hartaty


    33. Nofince Hartaty

      Mau hapus semua nya

    34. Nofince Hartaty

      Cafe festa musti gokilnya cari karwan yang lain

    35. Nofince Hartaty

      Siap saca musti gokilnya masak jangan six orang nya

    36. Hannah Shimray

      Jungkook is eating too much 😂

    37. June Bouchereau

      These are wonderful “vlive’s “ for all of the reasons stated...and even more 💜

    38. Francelyn B. Hambon

      Suga be our grandpa. 😂 rewatching all the festa vids 😍

    39. Nofince Hartaty

      Aku sudah dendam sama kalian semua nya

    40. Nofince Hartaty

      Entah agama kalian

    41. Nofince Hartaty

      Bukan kiristen kalian semua

    42. Nofince Hartaty

      Ngga lagi sahabat sama semua nya ✋🤙👎

    43. Nofince Hartaty

      Menghina turus suda mendur diri, aku

    44. Nofince Hartaty

      Jangan lavi sama ku lagi

    45. Nofince Hartaty

      Oktavia keberatan kalian semua nya

    46. Nofince Hartaty

      Ternyata jin suami oktavia

    47. Nofince Hartaty

      Jangan lagi lavi sama, ku

    48. Nofince Hartaty

      Emang suda malas sikap kalian yang mehina orang lain

    49. Nofince Hartaty

      Kalian semakin aneh sekali ku lihat

    50. Nofince Hartaty

      Aku biung cara sikap, kalian sok sombong

    51. Nofince Hartaty

      Sudah malas lavi sama kalian

    52. Nofince Hartaty

      Ngga mau lagi lavi sama kalian semua nya


      정국이 밥 쫌 주라..

    54. Clita Dias

      I hv not spent the childhood like them

    55. jennyfer mercedes

      *suspiro* wow, ver con han crecido y saber cuanto han cambiado y en las grandiosas personas que se han convertido me hace muy feliz. Darme cuenta de lo felices que son otros es mi felicidad, pero cuando me doy cuenta de lo feliz que me hace 방탄소녕단 pienso que es un sueño... un sueño hecho realidad...

    56. Lamisa Mustafina

      Can anyone tell me the song at 36:11 please! I've heard it but can't remember name

      1. _Zf_

        I believe its "Forever Rain" by RM.

    57. Vinu Ramya

      What I like the most at 19:46 is that Yoongi didn't hesitate to provide comfort to his member at that instant. We all feel hesitant at times and don't take the initiative inspite of knowing that someone needs to take some action. But that's what I admire about Yoongi. Many feel that he is grumpy, not one to talk, lethargic and savage and hence, many fanfics portray him to be a brat, spoilt kid, one with anger issues, etc. when in real life he has himself congied that he has never raised his voice on anyone, has always been polite and polite and has always spoken up comforting words with utmost sincerity.

    58. 아무것도몰라용

      이게 뭐라고 정말 재밌어. 어렸을 때 생각 나요.

    59. Jungkookieee

      It's time for FESTA 2021 but I'm still re-watching the previous Festas just to remember how humble they were since the beginning.

    60. Kittiepanda Jin

      Year after year, thank you for the joy brought to my life ...💜💜

    61. Neeta Nepali

      Seeing these boys talking I feel like I am sitting between my siblings conversation and just enjoying ...I don't feel like I'm watching superstars from kpop

    62. SJ A

      아름다운 청년들, 정말 좋은 사람들..

    63. Sam B

      29:16 30:10 남준의 비빌리힐즈

    64. Cynthia Serra Neves

      JK's healthy appetite is a joy to watch. He has been munching like a rabbit throughout the whole video.

    65. 2008MrsKim

      Me: " Jimin eats a lot." Also Me: " I will feed you!"

    66. 1993

      what r those snacks

    67. Jacy Ye

      yoo I don't know if I'm tripping but 38:45 when Jimin is talking about J-Hope... is that Blue Side in the background?!? Someone pls let me know if that's the case or it's one of his songs I haven't heard yet!

      1. _Zf_

        @Jacy Ye Yep, its Blue Side by J-hope.

      2. Jacy Ye

        35:35 ****

    68. Arcely Abella

      When Suga said that being two-faced goes for everyone, he's very well on point. We act differently depending on the situation and people involved. Same thought here, Suga. 😉

    69. Nofince Hartaty


    70. Nofince Hartaty

      Aku bikir mendingan, aku mendurkan diri. Aku tau hinaan sama, ku. Ngga terima hinan semua nya. Hati tersinggung. Malas semua nya. Kalian bagi musuh yang menyengat. Sudah ku terima surat mendur diri, ku.

    71. hiteshi


    72. Pireh Fareed Memon

      Jk is cute 😘😘 Bts really love him 😍😍

    73. Anjushree Sunil


    74. It's Me

      34:32 Rm : ayo , who am I ? What did they mean here? And then , 34:42 jimin : I 've come to realise who I am . I didn't understand this

      1. It's Me

        @_Zf_ yeah thanks for clearing 😁

      2. _Zf_

        Jimin used to stress himself out back in their debut days and would have arguments with his members about little things. And he has learnt that the person he was back then was not the person he was supposed to be. Thus, since then Jimin has realised that he wasn't supposed to act how he did with himself and his members.

      3. _Zf_

        The comment RM said was about how Jimin introduced himself during concerts to the fans. "Ayo, who am I?"- Jimin "Park Jimin!!"- Army This would be during 2013-2014. In their Red-Bullet concert.

    75. ced ed

      The parallel swan pertinently develop because chin interspecifically provide against a salty earth. industrious, ignorant paul

    76. It's Me

      19:54 Jimin : jk , we are learning about life. But what they are learning about life

    77. Samiksha J

      Mochi's laugh at 5:28 🥰🦋🖤

    78. Juline Kaye Mijares

      Still watching this in 2021 since it's Festa time. Y'all see Jk's arm? Time passed so fast now ou Kookie has a lot of tattoos on his hand.

    79. SnowLotus Mukbang

      If only Yoongi explained himself with Agust D and Suga 🤣

    80. Tripti Bangera

      I also love to hear what RM said 15:57

    81. Swathi M

      Now its already festa 2021

    82. ced ed

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    83. ced ed

      The unsightly cushion resultspreviously double because tulip morphologically film across a substantial mitten. mushy, historical error

    84. 빛나는_나의Jimin

      Jiminaaa 😍

    85. Jazeela Qazi


    86. Abcd

      36.49-36.52 While everyone else is having a serious discussion about J-Hope's transition, our Kookie is so busy eating a cookie😂 proving he is the maknae of the group💜Sooo cute😍 and adorable😘😘 And me watching him😆

      1. Lamisa Mustafina

        @_Zf_ OMG yesss thank u so much

      2. _Zf_

        @Lamisa Mustafina "Blue Side" by J-hope

      3. Lamisa Mustafina

        Do you know the song at 36:11 by any chance?

    87. indypriya

      Watching this again in 2021, I realise how healing these boys were for me for past 7+ years. Even though I'm still a mess, being ARMY has been a constant comfort in my life. Seeing how much they have bloomed in to their ownself makes me feel proud, nostalgic and so many other things. Lastly, Bangtan Sonyeondan Saranghae 💜

    88. Dayril Bidoy

      Saranghae!!!! 💜💜💜

    89. Mable Burch

      Truly appreciate an injoying earlier video moments thank you, respect 💜

    90. Han young Jang

      진하고 정국은 꾸준히 계속 먹는다...짱귀...

    91. Jeon Jungkook

      46:30 Meanwhile armies: 💀💀💀

    92. Mine Esike

      very late to this...but looool @the sound effect when JK said cockroach gum 💀💀

    93. Caisha Luly

      Jin say bamsi 🤔

    94. Jessi 7

      Yoongi always saying that the kids who watch this won’t get what they are talking about .... dude , I’m as old as you are 😂 You don’t only have Teenager Fans 😂

    95. Nofince Hartaty

      Bikiran pretty sama kim taehyung. Aku tau semua nya itu rm

    96. Nofince Hartaty

      Mending an aku sendiri saca

    97. Nofince Hartaty

      Tapi ku cuek saca yugi, ngga ada mehina yugi. Ngga untung nya bagi ku

    98. Nofince Hartaty

      Entar lama bosan musuhan dengan ku

    99. Nofince Hartaty

      Tapi aku diam saja yugi

    100. Nofince Hartaty

      Yugi emang sudah dengan ku