[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) @ Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2020


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    1. Jay

      16:44 they accept post malone like their own member 💜💜

    2. Fatemasugra Khimji

      Everyone was so excited for 2020 what happened

    3. Laura Gutaman

      crying knowing like 2 months after a whole pandemic started

    4. 차랭쎄으리

      Я ощущаю эту атмосферу. Где бы ни были БТС , любое место озарено их светом... Я безумно люблю вас ребята и мне пофиг , что вы меня не понимаете, всё ,что нужно вы поймёте) I purple youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(всё, я !в час ночи! пошла пересматривать подобные видео, хочу целиком и полностью окунуться в атмосферу Бантан ,а то ж я не усну)))

    5. manju manju

      Where the event happened

    6. Jass Jasmine

      Who are all come from Instagram For this 2:33

    7. Diana Vale

      No tengo palabras para describir lo hermosos que son como persona, son tan divertidos, únicos, en fin nunca terminaria de elogiarlos

    8. lilacs49

      It was great. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    9. Daniie Morán

      2020 was the year that they found me , and am so gratful that my life now is running around these 7 , I LOVE YOU GUYS

    10. HIMJA

      The ARMYs present over there must be soo happy. They got to spend the NEW YEAR with our lovely BTS!!!!! I'm kinda jealous...

    11. min sharon

      7:25 aww yoongi is so cuteee😘😘😍😍😍😆😆

    12. Fifinela Raissa

      they performed outside at the GMA summer concert 2019 tho

    13. inah

      Then COVID-19 striked. No performance for the coming year.

    14. carol z

      jimin looks GORGEOUS UGHHH


      4:26...who noticed Aladdin there Only me?okay!

    16. Bts Army

      Other people: ohhh these people are shouting like anything in background Bts: wow our army always give us love and hearts in background Army: yeahhhh Kim seokjin , Park jimin, Kim taeyung , Jeon jungkook, j-hope, min yoongi , Kim namjoon btsssss ahhhhhhhh

    17. Bts Army

      Which army like jin here Comment down👇

    18. Arc

      Anyone noticed hobi 2:36 here.. Damn his move...😍😍💜

    19. Syifa Solihah

      9:00 what name of song? Oh tell me oh ya oh ya😁

    20. Khushi Singh

      Me watching in 2021😭...

    21. Shweta Bhat

      12:25 this is just so cute😂💜

    22. Nancy Veronica


    23. Rica Ocampo


    24. Pennyr Rowe


    25. Pennyr Rowe


    26. Sneha Saha


    27. I am Potato

      No one: Literally no one: Hobi's hoodie: Lucky me I see ghOSt-

    28. Evelin Gomez

      Mi nombre está en el título

    29. Filipa Caetano


    30. A.R.M.Y


    31. Rasmia Imran

      0:56 nothing but this how I sing korean parts☻🤣🤣💜

    32. Krishna Hazra

      Tae love you❤️❤️❤️

    33. Uñîçørń Põôp

      Y’all should come for 2022

    34. iris choe

      Did they just learn the chores that fast

    35. Kylie Tucker

      I wish I could go to the concerts but I am so inverted I couldn't handle the screaming. Kind of wish they had concerts for people like me.

    36. Veronica

      8:45 does anyone knows song playing bg ?

    37. Marina Mimbela

      Taehyung dancing at the end, listening to 'New York', looks like the Korean Frank Sinatra

    38. Alyaa Zafirah

      12:04 jin: I don't need flower anymore because I'm already flower

      1. KRG

        Lol true 💕 my handsome JIN

    39. Rubí Hernández

      La presentación me recuerda al vídeo en donde ellos están ahí mismo en los escalonsitos y el mariachi y Joss Favela cantando en frente en el escenario, jajaja, realmente me emociono que pudieran ver una parte de México ahí, en vivo y en directo, justo enfrente suyo :3

    40. Rashi Tyagi

      6:36 I can't get over how 2seok were admiring their billboards 😘😘😘

    41. Rashi Tyagi

      How sad we could not welcome 2021 well

      1. Pradnya⟬⟭

        @Liana gomez Time span.?

      2. Liana gomez

        not bts ok=) (that old song)

      3. Liana gomez

        its my 13th time watching this=)

      4. Liana gomez

        yes thts the sad truth

      5. Liana gomez

        sis can you tell me wts that song on last (i mean wts the last song pweese)if you know it

    42. Ragip Oz


    43. keylha morillo

      Bello Bts 💜 Bello Nam🐨

    44. layba

      Anybody notice jungkook 0:37 👀 He looked at taehyung and smile but taehyung..... 😂😍

    45. hey there

      12:23 jaaj tu puedes ver la sorpresa en la cara de jimin, le salió mal el movimiento

    46. hey there

      OMG is so hard to watch it again, I mean I was so happy like "yes this year is gonna be THE YEAR" they were so excited about whats coming next, but instead no one knew actually what happen in 2020, such I bad and sad year ...

    47. berfin kepenç

      Park jimin love you 💕

    48. Jiyoung Yun

      What is the name of song after Post Malone’s Circle?

      1. hey there

        Congratulations by Post Malone too!!

    49. Sonali Upadhyay

      everyone was looking so happy🥺to perform but this covid sucks😩but look at park jiminiee he looks so beautiful😩😩🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    50. Ikram Choumi

      That moment when you're not ARMY 😱😱😱😱😱 scary !

    51. Jazz M

      Hope you guys will be able to come back soon.💜💜

    52. Aakanksha Gupta

      Jimin: So many people are here maybe for other artists who are performing here too.. Nsfxjs: PARKKK JIMINNNNNNNN..... (@ 6:11 ) Jimin : Ohhh ok ok ... I got you it was for me... (know act cool jiminah) 😂😂😂

    53. Aakanksha Gupta


    54. Aakanksha Gupta

      Do anyone knows the song @ 16:07

      1. Hawa S

        Congratulations- Post Malone

    55. Blackpinkie

      12:08 ğağağağağağ T-army'ler bakınnn

      1. Blackpinkie

        Tae ile jk 'a

    56. kisha goulbourne


    57. Got7 : Day6 : Skz : 18more

      Best welcome to the worst year

    58. idkjuli


    59. Aurela ilazi

      Ooo look the title 🙂😉😳😳 D---

    60. BTS_LOTUS

      Title 😳😳😳

      1. BTS_LOTUS

        @Rashi Tyagi ohhh 😅😅😅

      2. Rashi Tyagi

        It's the name 😶

    61. wissam abbas

      Free Arabic translation

    62. Josh Watiti

      Jhope u don't know if u did great correction u were outstanding NEVER disappoint

    63. Ada . Korkmaz

      Yoongi bebeğim bu kadar tatlı olmak zorunda değilsin! Tamam mı?😚🥺💕

    64. Yee Jeong

      제이홉 머리 오히려 넘긴게나은듯

    65. Jessica

      Tão pftos :(

    66. Kendra Tomlinson

      Love suga's hat and v's coat and jk's hoodie jhope's hair rm's clothes jin's hoodie jimin's clothes as well but I love all y'all voice and dance💜💜💜💜💜💜✨

    67. 손나이든아미

      이때만해도 코로나가 올거라 생각도 못했는데 참 그립네 마스크 안쓰고 맘껏 숨쉴수 있는 그날이 오기를 이 이쁜 청년들이 넓은 세상에 나가서 맘껏 팬들과 소통하기를~~~ 방탄 화이팅~~~♡♡♡

    68. Orxan Eliyev


    69. Diksha Sharma

      BTS 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    70. V


    71. Sofia Zanon

      12:26 Jimin went from 🥺💗 to ☠️🥵 in 0.00001 seconds

    72. Nawin Kumar

      A cute mistake made by the jacket... Hahaha

    73. Min Alee

      Feliz, Feliz, verlos me hace muy Feliz

    74. BTS'inbamyası

      4.7bin dislike mı ne çok kıskananı varmış derim 😎 👇

    75. 핏짜

      코로나 제발 사라져줘.....ㅠ

    76. jue anne

      This is sad..u guys expect for the more happier year 2020 but instead all concert need to postpone...it is sad...so sad...😭😭..

    77. hesti luh

      Jin looks very real

    78. İbrahim Kul

      Suga is holding his shoulder.yaaaaa😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 2:07

    79. Semra harun

      V jhope yaptığı dans çok etkileyici

    80. Kumsal Deniz

      0:20 jk smiling to himself😊

    81. Megan Keller

      i love that they brought Post Malone into their group hug since he was standing alone

    82. Barbara Breen

      💜how could you not laugh and love Jimin even more with his jacket. The members laughing on stage. 12:23 Then J-Hope laughing when they are watching their performance. 15:15 Priceless💜

    83. Arzu Yildiz

      Bu anti bitler de bi durmuyo niye BTS kıskanıyorlar ki 🙄🤷‍♀️

    84. Gil Paulina

      The way they look at Post and invite him has me like 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    85. Sahil Salmanov

      Azeri army

    86. ÖLÜM VAR!!

      Spm yedim 7:56 AMK diyr dikkatli dinle

      1. Büşra but incisini seven #Nihjoon

        Küfür etmiyor ki 😅

    87. Yura Eom

      Who is watching this in 2020 ?? I think that IAM late for a lot of things 😿

    88. Kpopantilerinininolmayanbeyninis!keyim#kpopwelove

      Jmn:Armyyyyyyy Army:jiminaaaaaa Jmn:sesim geliyormu Army:narulara Jmn:saranghae Army:☺️😊 Army:saranghe

    89. Elif

      I love you bts

    90. J E O N nicHåTxy

      JIMIN:SO MANY PEOPLE ARE HERE SINCE OTHER ARTIST PERFORMING The girl:Park jimin!! Also jimins Reaction*😮* I was shocked Cuz there are so many people Ehe😊 The time was The girl shouts is 6:05

    91. • Rosé'nin Mavi Ayıcığı•

      Woaww J-Hope

    92. Kader Kader

      Btsdondurmadan gelenler

      1. Kader Kader

        @Tonny Bunny #HappyCerenDay🥳 😂💜

      2. Metin Arslan


      3. Kader Kader


      4. Star

        Ben snshs

    93. 영원히방탄 소년단아미


    94. BTS ARMY

      Oğlum otururken bile karizmalar

    95. p e a c h y y

      kesini gara-gara pengen nonton❌ kesini gara-gara fyp tiktok✔

    96. shury miss

      Who's watching this in 2021 I'm 1

    97. Trey Cary

      Suga wearing a mask before it was cool

    98. anuragini patra

      8.50. Can anyone tell me the song name played in the background ...

    99. Sara m

      Jimin : May be here other artist too Meanwhill army : Jiminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    100. jemimah fanai

      How wonderful it would have been to spend new year with them😭💕