BTS (방탄소년단) Black Swan Perf. + ON + Life Goes On + Dynamite @ 2020 MMA


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    1. Silver Army

      Congrats BTS on all your success... These guys are truly a gift to this world!

    2. Paula Campillo garcia

      i love jungkook rm jin suga v jimin j-hope

    3. Carol Swadling

      This just makes my day better! Thank you bangtan

    4. Silver Army

      What an epic performance even with the unfortunate absence of our Suga.

    5. Yllari ARMY


    6. yato

      never knew id live to see the day jimin got his hair slick back

    7. Hetvi Dhamelia

      Putting out my personal replay button cuz that's is hella cute: 11:19 lil mochi 12:25 this part of the song is so soothing ahh 14:22 wholesomeness overload

    8. คгץค 1206

      Who misses Yoongi here??

    9. Nona sho

      ارمي العربي اثبتو وجودكم 🙂🤝💜

    10. Sri Mathi

      Your hard work never failed and fails 💖we purple you forever

    11. bunnyrawr

      16:30 ok,now u can repeat it 10000000 times

    12. Siddhi Chavan

      Omg...the voice of V is tooooooooo deeep..🔥❣️😌

    13. Y Bag

      These boys are simply amazing. BTS members, their cheorgrapher, the stage set, and the man who started the group are all brilliant. Their genius, hard work, and synergy make each of their performance a pure bliss to watch.

      1. Silver Army

        Our forever gifts!

    14. Wow Crafts

      i am speechless , there love for each member is just insane

    15. Noopur Agarwal

      Omo love it 💜🔥

    16. Us

      Peace in Myanmar418

    17. ꧁༺Sammy༻꧂

      In ''ON'' performance at last they kept place for suga🥺💜❤️

    18. ꧁༺Sammy༻꧂

      Even if suga was not there in performance,but bts kept his presence🥺💜❤️

    19. Peace and Peace

      Love yourself Relay3649

    20. You and Me

      Love yourself Relay3648

    21. Prabitha K S

      do yo see that army, in dynamite performance , the backgroundlights are changing as matching as their suits.

    22. jksjmssi


    23. Gilcilene Leite

      São rapazes lindos cara bem eu tenho 49 anos mais gosto muito das músicas deles , minha filha canta dança muito todas as músicas e e apaixonada por ele relação tem 13 anos gostaria de realizar o sonho dela que é ir a um show desses belíssimos garotos .

    24. Montana Martin

      2:05 isn’t that from DNA

    25. Jungkook BTS

      JUNGKOOK u have no mercy on me:( im dying for u here

    26. Sophia Krüger

      7:14 donˋt mind me, just listening to jimins hot bawl for millions of times

    27. Charly Dyear

      1:44 JiKook 🥺🤩

    28. Ana cecilia cavadia luna

      Eso fue gratis??

    29. 4ng3l tiny

      bts best grup

    30. Kim Miara

      0:50💔🌚🌚🌚💔😭😭😭 احبكم

    31. Soo kai


    32. Me

      Can we just appreciate how amazing they look like omg dude😭😭

    33. usman khan

      miss u suga our little kitten

    34. radha krishna

      Every army is missing our cat 🥺🥺 Suga 💜💜 👇👇

    35. iuke ui

      Black swan is masterpiece

    36. saltysuga


    37. BTS_ DODE

      This is soo beautiful💜💜

    38. Ната Попова

      Дуэт Чонгука и Чимина бесподобен!!!!!!!!!!!

    39. Jazmine Tea

      our black swans, our fighters, our healers, our stars; BTS

    40. Fayiza M

      Missing suga.. Very badly 😢

    41. Clarissa Bernice

      Seriously 9.2K disliked Okay WOW This really happened

    42. Heal

      Peace in Myanmar411

    43. Rebeca-Claudia Dihor

      they have the best show performances * - *

    44. Jimin's Jam

      Did any of you notice the part in 2:03 was the dance in the first part of DNA

    45. Leham Carpio

      I miss my little suga ❤

    46. Beatryz Francisco

      Ué, cadê o *SUGA* ? 🥺

    47. Gaijin

      I find it very disturbing to see images of these guys with their fake looks -- dyed hair, colored contact lenses, heavy makeup -- as if they were ashamed of their ethnicity. I know their look is to a certain extent representative of popular trends among certain young Asians in particular, but who do they think they are fooling other than themselves? How sad! 염색 한 머리카락, 컬러 콘택트 렌즈, 짙은 화장과 같은 가짜 외모로이 사람들의 이미지를 보면 마치 민족성을 부끄럽게 생각하는 것처럼 매우 불안합니다. 특히 아시아 청년들 사이에서 유행하는 트렌드를 어느 정도 대표하는 외모라는 건 알지만, 자신이 아닌 다른 사람은 누구일까요? 얼마나 슬픈!

    48. Peace Love

      Love yourself Relay3641

    49. Ichel Cordero

      Alguien me dice k pasó con Suga ???

    50. AIMAN BIBI


    51. Manouochehr Ranjbar

      Bts show ho much they love suga

    52. Manouochehr Ranjbar

      Somebody help me I can’t breath

    53. BTS_TommorowXTogether

      Spread the gospel before it is to late🙏🏼✝️💜

    54. Nimmer Randhawa

      noooooooo where's sugaaaaa 😔😔😔

    55. Jocy Jäschke

      guys... im a new fan... and im wondering... wheres suga?

    56. Агент Торт 001

      I liked it so much that no one sang instead of Yoongi. by doing this, they showed that each of the members is irreplaceable!

    57. Save me

      Это великолепно ଘ(੭ ᐛ )♡

    58. LoveLove

      Love yourself Relay3641

    59. Nine2death

      BTS no perdieron los grammy, los grammy perdieron a BTS, en realidad les dieron tan poco tiempo de presentación porque aplastarían a los otros artistas, y aún así los aplastaron xD

    60. ichigo


    61. Bebişim Saçmalamağğ

      Aw bu performas çok güzel, keşke Yoongi meleğim de olsaymış

    62. 노혜정


    63. Papa Wadi

      One day bts oppa 😊😊😊

    64. Heal

      Peace in Myanmar406

    65. Isha Patil

      *Jimin growling in ON* 🔥

    66. Mysam Akbari

      I miss yoongi Yoongi for ever😇

    67. Together

      Love yourself Relay3635

    68. qurota ayun

      so perfect

    69. U

      뭐라 말해야될지 모르겟다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 특히 on이랑 블랙스완은 저런건 본적도 없어 ㅋ진짜 ㅋㅋㅋ 와 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이전에 없던 본적도 없는 수준의 무대를 하는 아이돌이자 미친예술가들임 방탄소년단. 방탄이 장르다... 그냥 너무 클라스가 달라.... 기록만 새로쓰는게아니라 음악 무대자체가 없던 길, 수준을 만듬

    70. Angelica Cardenas Chiguay


    71. Lea T

      I remember crying the first time I watched that Jikook part. Everything was perfect but that particular lift gave me goosebumps. I swear this is one of their best performances ever.

    72. Lea T

      I come here every now and then looking for comfort. I swear this Black Swan performance is one for the books. One of the best stages BTS has done EVER.


      We love you💘

    74. Yamile Broncano

      Hermosos como siempre bts los amo saludos desde Perú espero vean mi comentario los amo

    75. Taes GuGGi

      It made my face go sad when I didn’t see Yoongi in any of this :(

    76. Geraldin Romo

      Son geniales sigan dando lo mejor de sí mismos los queremos desde Colombia 😘

    77. _yarichin_bts_


    78. ¡Unknown¡ 《DragonFruit》


    79. Regina Célia Montanha

      Minha alegria só teve inicio depois que ,encontrei esses anjos .

    80. Alline sofia

      Eu amo vcs meus amores 😍💟

    81. glowkookie

      They do the best performances that you will see, they are legendary even in that and it is not new.

    82. Beritan Bağça

      I love u BTS i'm TR-ARMY

    83. Pragya Verma

      They must practice hard to perform this masterpiece our 7 angels 👼

    84. Ocean Rai

      OT 7 Proud to be in this fandom 💜🅐🅡🅜🅨⁷⟬⟭💜 SUGA💜💜forever

    85. Hemangi Kadam

      Jungkook you are so perfect dancer and the best's just awesome......

    86. Siti Hawa Jabbar

      jungkook are literally the real life version of eren yeager....but jungkook..hes damn more better and fine...bruh

    87. y n

      Hey naa naa naa waahhh jimin's voice 💘

    88. Paupau

      I will always come back to watch this masterpiece again

    89. Heal

      Peace in Myanmar400

    90. Heal

      Peace in Myanmar400

    91. Yoongles BongBong. LTD

      Every Stupid Soul: Alfred Nobel created Dynamite!!! Me: You lie, you get big boo boo!!

    92. Nighat Karamat

      3:35 I love how v was standing apart from everyone else to represent suga that it's his space and 7:51 jk put his arm in the air in this way as if it was on someone's shoulder technically representing suga again

    93. I am that ribbon in the sky that he looves

      They did Jimin dirty... The "pow" thing is his thing... 😂😂 I love Jungkookie though... my ultimate bias. 💜💜 I love BTS!!

    94. Sana Kanwal

      BTS💘💘💘💘💘💘💘 My lovE ❤

    95. Rebeca Osorio


    96. Merab martin

      I'm whipped for this💜

    97. Bollywood Instagram


    98. Together

      Love yourself Relay3629

    99. Gabriela Lourenco